Mkhize Pays Back All 'Looted' Money To SIU? See This

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At some point last week the son of former health minister Dr Zweli Mkhize paid a visit to the Nkandla homestead of ex-president Jacob Zuma, but it's unclear what they talked about.

Businesswoman in KwaZulu Natal province Shauwn Mkhize, related to former health minister Zweli Mkhize, said that Dedani Mkhize, the son of the ANC heavyweight, had returned all the money acquired from the Digital Vibes corruption affair a few days after it was first reported.

All of this came to light in a social media post from Zweli Mkhize, who she claims is her father, and Dedani Mkhize.

Relationship between father and son was thought to be tense after the Digital Vibes corruption incident was made public.

While the father-son feud was crushing Shauwn Mkhize's heart, the two had agreed to put their differences behind them.

"A part of me cried when I saw my father Dr Zweli Mkhize and my younger brother Dedani at odds.

I'm relieved that Dedani followed the law by returning the money to the SIU and letting the investigation to proceed as planned, "Shauwn Mkhize made the statement.

Dedani Mkhize may have received advice to pay back the money and to mend relations with his father from former president Jacob Zuma, according to rumors.

Detractors claim this publicity campaign is an attempt to clear Zweli Mkhize's name after he insisted that the Digital Vibes controversy helped his son.

One of the RET's presidential contenders, Mkhize has been dogged by the Digital Vibes affair, which has clouded his chances of winning the presidency.

Cyril repaid Bosasa the $500k he borrowed, so why can't Dedani??" Critics argued that what's good for the goose is good for the gander, too.


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