My Life Became Miserable After Urine Was Poured on Me - Man Narrates

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A man whose name was not disclosed narrates his ordeal to the host of a program titled "Obra" on Nhyira media.

According to the man, he is a plumber and also serves Maison to feed his family.

The man said whenever his wife becomes pregnant, opportunities in plumbing and Maison open up quickly for him and they never stop until urine was been poured on him.

The man revealed that when some meager misunderstanding ensued between him and his wife, the wife poured urine on him.

The man claims from that day onwards, life became miserable to the extent that money does not last long in his hands, and also the opportunities ceased at once.

The man could not take good care of his family anymore after this incident of his wife pouring urine on him occurred.

The man made this narration on Monday, July 4, 2022, on Nhyira FM.

If you want to hear more from the man, then kindly watch the video below

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