A Lady Gave a Beggar Food, After Some Time, He Gave Her a Letter That Left Her In Tears(Fiction).

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This is a fictional story of a lady who assisted a beggar with food, and after some time, the beggar presented her with a letter that made her cry. The tale is not based on truth; it is entirely the product of the writer's imagination, yet it will undoubtedly serve as a lesson to those who read it.

It was once upon a time that a wealthy, powerful, and extremely nasty lady by the name of Adanma lived in a certain hamlet named Odom. Men were afraid to approach her for a proposal because of her meanness, as well as the amount of money and respect she demanded from her peers. They all saw her as someone who was far beyond their pay grade.

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Emeka was a beggar who lived in the same community as the aforementioned Emeka. After both of his parents died and all of his parents' property was taken away from him, the little lad had no alternative but to beg for his survival. He was compelled to enter the streets at an early age and begin begging for money. Emeka's life went from being joyful to being punishing, and with each passing day, he was forced to beg and prostrate himself to passersby in order to obtain food or money to buy food.

One day, Adanma was going by the street, begging, and because Emeka was a wealthy lady, she ran over to him and began pleading with him for food. Adanma was taken aback and also enraged at the same time because all she had in her box was the food she had prepared earlier at home, which she had eaten. Because her automobile was at the mechanic's, she was forced to walk the length of the street on her own two feet. While she wanted to scream at the youngster, she also pondered giving him the food she was carrying because he appeared to be in such poor health and looked so miserable.

Having stood there for a few seconds, watching the youngster beg, she decided to serve him the delicious supper she had prepared herself at home. The young man gratefully accepted it and expressed his gratitude to her. Adanma went to work that day, and when she returned, she did it in her automobile this time instead of her bicycle. The unfortunate Emeka waved at her automobile and handed her a piece of correspondence. After reading the note, which stated, "I have been starved for 5 days, and I would have either died or committed suicide today if you hadn't helped me," she was overcome with emotion and found it difficult to drive home after reading what the youngster had sent her.

When she returned home that day, she couldn't stop sobbing uncontrollably. It was then that she made the choice to adopt the unfortunate child as her son in order to keep him from being enticed to commit suicide or starve to death on the streets.

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