Effective ways to spot a fake friend

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Each of us has at least one or more good, close or ordinary friends who we feel satisfied with being with us. Sometimes, when we feel upset or encounter some problems, we turn to them and seek the solution to the problems and together, they help us overcome the problems.

Friends are good but, have you ever felt that one of your “friends” resorts to lying to you, or is tired of the news of your success and that your failures make him happy even if his appearance says something else? This article is going to help you spot fake friends.

How do you know your fake friend?

Fake friends or so-called friendly enemies are those who pretend to be close friends but are actually jealous of you and wish you failure in life.

These people are usually in your closest social circle, among friends, colleagues or even family members and have signs that can be used to distinguish these people from good and close friends.

Signs of a fake friend

1. A fake friend is upset by your successes, unaffected by your failures, and jealous of your accomplishments.

2. A superficial, fake friend does not consider your feelings and intentionally harms you with his words and behavior.

3. A fake friend keeps talking bad about you behind your back.

4. A fake friend may appear to be saying good things to his friend, but his facial expressions do not match his words.

5. The fake friend blames you for his failures and keeps saying that if you didn't do something, he could have achieved something.

6. A fake friend also uses indirect tactics to hurt your feelings, for example, he may like someone in front of you who is harassing you.

7. These people do not like your posts and statuses on social networks or interact with them with negative comments.

8. A fake friend intentionally does the wrong thing to put you in situations where you feel embarrassed or ashamed.

9. A fake friend drains you and never thinks about the stress you are going through.

It is possible that every human being will have at least one person among his friends who suffers from such symptoms. Flee from such friends because they have nothing important to offer you.

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