Recent Fashion Sense of 4 BBNaija "Shine Ya Eye" Stars That Will Inspire Fashion Lovers

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Majority of the Season 6 Big Brother Naija "Shine Ya Eye" stars value fashion, and always display a high sense of fashion/creativity. Below are recent fashion moments, shared by four (4) BBNaija Stars on Instagram, which will surely inspire other fashion lovers.

1. Jackie Bent.

Above is a sweet and matured display of corporate wear by Jackie Bent. Her yesterday's fashion sense was topnotch and worth copying by working class ladies. She rocked a sweet gown dress that had some simple and matured designs of white colour.

She also rocked it with a classy high heels, which also played a great role in perfecting her appearance, and made her look classy. The shortness of the gown made her look real captivating, as it exposed her smooth skin.

Every lady who is an official worker, can gain inspiration from the above corporate view of Jackie B. A designer can also copy that fashion sense above and try it out.

Photo Credit: Instagram / thejackiebent

2. Whitemoney.

The winner of the season 6 reality show, gave us a bold appearance, as he rocked a same colour and design up and down. His short sleeve shirt and down short, gave him a matured appearance.

The white canvas he wore, gave him a glowing view, coupled with the black shade which also perfect his view and made him look classy and stunning. Young men can copy such appearance and try it out when stepping out for special occasions and friends hangouts.

Photo Credit: Instagram / whitemoney_

3. Liquorose

Liquorose made a sweet appearance with her above outfit. Her recent fashion sense is topnotch and perfect for any outdoor parties. Her choice of colour was perfect, as the colour made a good compliment to her skin, and brightened her appearance.

Her face make-up help to brighten her facial appearance, and add more facial beauty. Her hairstyle also perfects her appearance. Her recent fashion sense should serve as inspiration to young ladies.

Photo Credit: Instagram / Liquorose

4. Boma.

Boma also gave us a hot appearance, as rocked the above same colour outfit, and his choice of wearing a white top inside, was a great fashion sense, as the White top perfects both his dress and shoe.

It's a simple appearance perfect for outdoor events like birthday parties, friends hangout and some official work purposes. Young men can get inspired with the above appearance of Boma.

Who's fashion sense inspired you most as a fashionista? Drop your thoughts in the comment section below.

Photo Credit: Instagram / Boma

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