President Uhuru Kenyatta issues new guidelines concerning Covid-19 pandemic.

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The president extended nation wide curfew which always start from 9 pm to 4 am in the morning by a further 30 days.

He urged Kenyans to be aware and help improve the constitution.

During a summit it States House, president uplifted the law he imposed on mitumba industry with further details to be discussed . Life for Mitumba sellers have been almost impossible,ever since the law was imposed.

He call for all Kenyans to remain United,and for all churches to pray for the country.

He condemned the current corruption in the country.

The restrictions on the number of people to attend funeral,has been extended from 15 to 100 people.

Bars, club and restaurants will still operate on the time given as they were only awarded an additional of 1 hour.

Social distancing still a must protocol.

The president calls for a long time rehabilitation, asking citizens to express their views in a three week time discussion, which will be held to see If really the country is heading to the right direction.

He reminded every elected leader to work accordingly,for his people and to put aside their differences and interest.

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