What This Man Did Will Astound You If You See Him Call The Police.

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A young man from Ga-chuene, Leshikishiki, near Polokwane, has accused his uncle and grandmother of conspiring and murdering his father; he has clearly admitted that they were both involved in the murder of his father, who died the previous year.

Sello Lebang is his name, and he hurt his uncle with a cutting edge during a battle when he approached them, prompting emergency services to respond. The paramedics arrived swiftly and whisked him away to the hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries.

Sello is on the run from the police in Lebowakgomo, who are searching for him everywhere so that he can deal with the infringement against his family members; it is highly likely that he has been carrying this in his heart since recently and has figured out a means to achieve his payback.

Because the suspect may have recently chosen another day to face the uncle, the police are now encouraging anyone with information about his whereabouts to approach so that he can be apprehended and brought to juvenile prison.

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