Uniform of Ugandan female police will make you laugh for days

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Today we wake up with another Twitty that is making on trend on social media of someone who wake up and decided to make joke about Ugandan female police dressing code.

This guy took two pictures of female officers of two different countries on the duty. The person pic mixed the police officer of Rwandan female police officer and also Ugandan female police officer.

As for Rwandan, she looked so beautiful on the uniform and it's look indeed perfect as for law enforcement agencies, but when it comes to Ugandan, the uniform was not that suitable for law enforcement agencies.

She was wearing big white dress like for prophetess or something religious, not related to police officials. People couldn't stop laughing at her.

Uniforms are very important, since they bring dignity to whoever wearing it but as for this Ugandan female police, this uniform might kills her dignity and self esteem.

Source: https://twitter.com/_blaise250/status/1543243211057102850?t=gys_-Ahpr5-MKccRwU8iRg&s=19

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