Meet The 16-Year-Old Girl Who Has No Intestines And Doesn't Eat Food

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This 16-year-old girl's name is Salma, and she lived in Egypt with her brothers and mother as a teenager. Only because of Salma's condition have they relocated to the United States. According to sources, when Salma was 5 years old, she got hooked in the suction valve while swimming which later damaged her intestines. After the incident, she was rushed immediately to the hospital, but doctors let them know that she requires an intestinal transplant as soon as possible.

Salma Bashir, who currently lives in Pennsylvania, is seeking a new chance at life. She recently discovered that a second intestines transplant is possible, after her body did not accept the first intestines transplant in 2009. But in order for the second procedure to work, she also needs a new liver, stomach, pancreas and possible a kidney, in addition to the large and small intestines.

"The cost of such an extreme procedure is exorbitant," she said on her GoFundMe page, raising $3 million.

Owing to her medical condition, since Salma 's family still lives in the USA on a visitor's visa, she is not eligible for public assistance and no insurance provider will cover her, "the campaign said."

Salma Bashir, 16, whose bowels were pulled out of a swimming pool in Egypt when she was a small girl, is raising money for new organs.

Bashir 's traumatic accident occurred when she was 5 years old while on a family vacation in Egypt.

Doctors said that if she fails to carry out the intestine transplant, she only have two weeks to live on earth. Her families looked for a way to raise funds so that doctors can get the transplant done, and that was the major reason why they relocated to the United States. She survived for 8 months on a life sustaining machine before she finally got the transplant done.

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