Is this the kind of leadership Ghanaians want - Captain smart ‘angrily’ sends a powerful message


Captain smart has sent a powerful message to the public after he assessed an ongoing issue for sometime. Captain smart revealed in most of his shows the responsibilities of heads of state or persons in very high authority and why they should stick to their norms. The 1992 constitution gives no parliamentarian or government official the chance to misbehave or misconduct themselves.

And this is exactly what Captain Smart continues to hit on. Captain smart speaking today on angel fm revealed that all those who are insulting the president and the government for certain decisions seem to have no knowledge about how the political game is played, as well as how a government is handled. Captain smart revealed that with the borrowed monies from other countries which had remained a debt to Ghanaians, Nana Addo’s government still gave free electricity and water.

And this was to reduce the pain of those who were indoors or those who had their businesses not booming. He revealed that this initiative by the government really helped and he is glad that it was implemented. However what he does not understand is how Ghanaians must insult Nana Addo and his government for trying to repair the damages caused in the lockdown or pandemic period.

Do you want a government that will give you everything for free till there is nothing left in the country to depend on? Is this the kind of leadership Ghanaians want?- he questioned whiles eulogizing Nana Addo and showing appreciation for his clever initiative on managing the country. What do you also think about this? Leave your comment below for more.