I Will Never Stand Near You In An Event, Milly Chebby Tells Kabi

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Kabi Wajesus is one of the most hilarious and funny Celebrity. Kabi loves to hype events and being an MC of events is just a perfect job for him. Kabi is a full time Content Creator.

Yesterday, Kabi attended an event alongside other Celebrities who include Size 8, Terence, Milly Chebby. The event was about a man who was proposing to his girlfriend so that they can later proceed to marriage. When the bridegroom was proposing and everyone was busy recording, Kabi found himself cheering the newly couple alone. In fact people called out Kabi to be quiet so that the man can finish proposing.

Kabi has posted the clip on his Instagram post and has asked his fans when is the best time for one to cheer a couple because it looked awkward for him. Milly Chebby replied and has told Kabi that she will never stand near him again in any event. Milly Chebby is wife to Terence. See Screenshots of Kabi's post.

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