Photos From Wildlife Comedy Photography Awards That Prove Animals Are Funnier Than Humans


People are funny but animals are plainly funnier. One thing is for sure, at whatever point I spend time with animals I continually snicker and laugh at all of the funny and odd things they do. 

Animals are so funny indeed there's another challenge for natural life photographic artists called the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards. This is the main year the challenge was held and picture takers from 52 nations presented the most entertaining photographs of wild animals caught on their cameras. Judges at that point glanced through 1,502 passages and reported 45 finalists. 

Get a decent laugh/giggle while taking a gander at a portion of the top finalist photographs from the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards.

Hippo Going Bonkers Over Birds

Bird The Barber

Warrior Pose

Excellent– These Two Are Clearly Plotting World Domination

Crowded House– just Upgrade To A Bigger Tree

Evil Knievels– Where Are The Keys, They’ve Got To Be Here Somewhere around here


Selecting A Winner

Bleating Hilarious

I Thought I Told You We Are Done Stealing Cars

Leggy Models Always Fighting Over Camera Time

Belly Laughs For Days

Oh, Nuts!

Kung Pow Squirrel

Even Birds Have Bad Hair Days


I am Camouflaged… Right?

Rebel Of The Forest