I Went Back To Hostel Earlier Than Usual, What I Saw My Roommate Doing Scared Me To Death (Fiction)


My name is Bella and though my parents are based in Portharcourt, my quest for admission took me to Ibadan. After many years of disappointments, I finally gained admission into the university as a student of Accountancy. I lived in the school hostel and had three roommates. Two were Igbo and one Yoruba. We went along very well unlike most other roommates who always had grudges and fell out constantly with each other.

Among the four of us, I was the only one who was in the habit of waking up at night to pray. I do midnight prayers, I was brought up with it. None of my roommates ever complained of being disturbed by my prayers except Onyinyechi, one of my Igbo roomy. She said I should stop praying at night because am disturbing her sleep. I apologized for the inconveniences and started praying more quietly.

One day around 11am, I was feeling weak and dizzy during lectures. It was a new development because I was okay before leaving for lectures and I was the last to leave the room. I thought maybe it was because I skipped breakfast. At the end of my first lecture I decided to touch to the hostel and eat. I asked my friend to secure my seat for me that I would be coming back. When I returned, I discovered the room was open. I was surprised because it was too early for any of my roommates to be back from school. I knocked bit there was no answer. I repeated several times but still no response. I decided to climb a chair and look through the window which was located above the door as whoever that is inside maybe deep asleep.

On climbing and looking through the window what I saw scared me to death. I saw my roommate sitting in an upright position with red candles surrounding her. She was wearing a red robe and before her was a small Calabash and a picture, one of our roomy's picture. She was swaying in all angles and muttering the name of one of our roommates repeatedly. I couldn't hear her well as she was talking in whispers. Many things came to my mind at once. So I have been living with this evil for two years in the same room, and what on Earth is she doing with our roomy's picture and muttering her name?

Now am so shocked I don't even know where to start. I couldn't sleep in the room and don't even know how to explain what I saw to the others. What is the best thing to do now?

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