Look At What The Church Does With Your Tithe And Offering


Many Christians are curious as to what their pastors do with their tithes and offerings. Some believe pastors use their tithes and offerings to chop and wipe their mouths dry. But, as I'll show you in this article, that's a heinous lie. People believe that the church is such a profitable business that they consider starting one even though God has not called them. If you think starting or operating a church is a joke, you'll be shooting yourself in the foot. You'll be widely publicized and repeatedly lied against, as many of these pastors have been, and if Jesus didn't call you, you'll be easily depressed and suicidal.

But that isn't the topic for today. Allow me to address the post's bane.


1. To build the church -

If the church is very big, such as RCCG, Winners, Christ Embassy, MFM, Deeper Life, etc., the majority of the tithes and offerings raised go into building the church. This involves things including finding a location to rent or lease for worship services, purchasing musical instruments, furnishing the church for the comfort of members and the pastor, evangelism transportation, money to feed church members during special programs, or for churches that serve breakfast or lunch, and so on.

2. Charity -

We must give to the poor, as Jesus told. Your tithes and offerings go into purchasing services that can be offered to both church members and non-church members that are in need. At the very least, you might have benefited from your church's charity at one time or another, or seen those who have.

3. Payment of pastors' salaries -

The majority of the pastors who serve in the church under the supervision of your General Overseer or Superintendent do so full-time. They quit their jobs to devote themselves to God's work. They must be compensated in order to feed their families. Every month, a large portion of your tithes and offerings are used to pay their wages. Consider how much money goes into paying pastors' wages if you attend a big church with a large number of them.

4. Hospitality -

This is similar to charity, but it is more regional. Churches visit prisons, hospitals, IDP camps, orphanages, and underprivileged schools to pray for them and preach the gospel. They won't leave empty-handed, of course. It's abhorrent not to feed these people in dire need if Jesus will feed the 5000. This is where the sacrifices and tithes come in. They are used to buy food and other necessities for these people in order to make their lives easier.

5. Kingdom Expansion - Jesus told us that we should preach the gospel to the ends of the world, not only in our own land. As a result, the church must go to other countries to spread the gospel. How were they going to get there? On foot, perhaps? How will they find a place to begin church service when they arrive? What about church equipping? What about those who live in conflict zones like Iraq and Iran? To keep those pastors happy and secure, a large sum of money is sent to them. Your tithes and offerings are used to fund the growth of the empire.

6. Missionary Work -

Although the church has spread to many countries across the world, some villages and areas remain unreached even within the parent country. Missionaries go to areas where there is little light, good water, good food, mosquitoes, and so on. Your tithes and offerings support these projects to make life easier for the missionaries who either went with their families or left them behind to do God's work in the region.

7. Gifts and Honoraria - Your church will sometimes invite other pastors or gospel ministers to preach in your congregation. You're a member of the church, and you're loving and being blessed. You can't invite a man of God or a gospel singer and then leave them empty-handed. This is where your tithes and offerings go. Some gospel singers charge up to $5 million to minister, and pastors have their own set of fees that must be met.

8. To make the church more beautiful - Some of you go to churches with air conditioning, where the tiles or rugs are golden, the seats are so comfortable, the altars are the best in town, and the lighting is spectacular. As the church grows, each branch will need to be updated in order to reflect the glory of God. This is where your tithes and offerings go.

9. Church members assisting one another - Countless church members turn to the church for financial assistance. For others, it's about getting a job. Some guitarists and pianists are compensated for their work. Many people come to church every day seeking money and food, and the church just has to provide assistance. What about those who depend on the church to cover their medical expenses? The church benefits from your tithes and offerings.

There are only a few of the areas where your tithes and offerings are used. What if there are unforeseen conditions that necessitate immediate financial assistance? A simple notification on the church's account that someone has paid tithe will suffice. So, think twice before attacking the church for tithes and offerings. Pity the Pastors who toil away every day, weeping hidden tears, sweating and fasting for you to be safe, just to see their pictures being slandered and mocked on the internet. Keep in mind that God will judge all.

No one made someone pay a tithe or an offering. However, you can see the importance of your tithe and offerings based on the above points. Follow God's commandments and pay your tithes and offerings when the time comes. You're not only attracting God's blessings on yourself, but you're also assisting the church in supporting others.

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