Lagos Pastor Wears Sack To Send Warnings To Buhari


TRIXX NG reports that the general Overseer Of Resurrection Praise Ministry, Archbishop Samson Benjamin, also known as Jehovah Sharp Sharp has taken to the street of Lagos again to demonstrate against the President of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari.

Like last week when he carried coffin on his head to give warnings to  the present administration, He wore sack clothes and ashes today to give another warning to the President and leaders of Nigeria.

He revealed that if the leadership fail to listen and heed to the warnings from the Lord as delivered by him, there will be great consequences.

He noted that the sack cloth simply indicate that the situation of the country has gotten worse beyond what any one born of human can repair.

‘Last week I was carrying a coffin on my head, today I am on a sack cloth and this is because the present and current managers of Nigeria are people that don’t listen to advices, suggestions and contributions, infact they perceive you as anti-government when you contribute.

Today I am in a sack cloth, on the 15th of this month which was on Thursday, I turned one year seven months of not eating food cooked by fire or any pleasant food and you don’t expect that I will go on such a mortal vacation or solitary confinement without a message from God for Nigerians.

This message is for the leadership from the president to the national assembly, to the federal house of representatives, to the governors, to the local government chairmen, the councilors and the appointees of the president that they should know that the country is already at a verge of serious confusion.

You will agree with me that there have been agitations of breaking away here and there, they are a crack on the wall of our project Nigeria and our leaders seems not to know what to do, they seem to be sitting down and folding their hands, the way this thing is going, if the leadership do not arise to do something very quickly, there will be more agitations and the more the wall of Nigeria is being cracked, the bigger the crack will become, Lizards are already preparing to enter the cracked wall of the Nigerian nation so I had to put on a sack cloth, not only because I am doing what I am doing now, but as a servant of God, sack cloth means the situation is so bad that the only person who can intervene is the Lord God almighty.

I am not on the side of the politician, I am not on the other side but I am on the side of God, what I am doing now has nothing to do with hatred for any person, God sent me and I am delivering this message to the leaders to do something or they will see more’

Furthemore, He made it known that the leaders of the country still have the opportunity to repent off their ways before it gets worse because God is not happy with them

‘’Except the leaders repent of their ways, they will not be able to escape the consequences, so many of our leaders believe that no one can do anything to them because they have the money and influence but everything isn’t money.

When God looks at the poor and he can no longer stand it and the cups of the rich is full, then HIMSELF will stretch forth His hands and redeem the people by himself, Nigeria needs redemption right now, except the leaders sit down and find a way to redeem Nigeria from this quagmire, the rod of the Lord is already on its way upon them, if they continue to toil this line, they are inviting the rot of God.

When a man has a quarrel with a man, another man will settle them but when a man has a quarrel with God, nobody born of a woman can settle that quarrel. Now they still have the time to repent, now that I am still on sack cloth, they have the time to repent, I am not only on sack cloth alone, I carried ashes with me, it is part of the deep grievances we have, I carried this ashes to let you know the level of the anger of the most high, He is not happy. God will rise in his anger, he will send his rod upon the leaders except they repent’