Why is government complaining about the e-levy now after they were cautioned against it?

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The Ghanaian economy is on a downward spiral currently. Our economic indicators are not in good standing at all. Fuel prices are skyrocketing very often. The exchange rate is killing businesses. The managers of the economy keep telling us that it's because of the Russia-Ukraine war which is not entirely true. We were told to bear with them and that they are putting in measures to curb the situation.

We were tasked to pay e-levy to raise enough revenue for the government upon all the monstrous taxes we are already paying. Ghana vehemently opposed the e-levy but the government found a way to implement it nevertheless. As a result of that, a lot of Ghanaians boycotted mobile money and other electronic transactions.

The government is now lamenting the poor performance of the e-levy. It is not bringing in the amount they projected. According to Gabby Otchere Darko, a top member of the ruling government, the e-levy is only giving us about 10 per cent of the projected revenue. We warned them but they didn't listen. Why are they now crying? They should leave us alone.

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