"We Are In Darkness Due To A Bunch Of Incompetent Puppies" -Floyd Shivhambu

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Source: https://twitter.com/FloydShivambu/status/1541820796233990144?t=T8j3e_x3nuUzMRBX8BIJ4Q&s=19

Investors have known about our energy challenges for a decade because different annual country reports have been warning about the impending catastrophe.

Former President Jacob Zuma's administration tried to resolve the crisis, but nothing much came out of it. As a result, investors began to divest from mining and other heavy industries.

Instead of Eskom's power outages being sorted out to be a thing of the past, the country keeps getting longer hours of load-shedding which is not only frustrating the masses but leaders of opposition parties as well.

According to EFF's Floyd Shivhambu, the country is suffering from load-shedding due to what he refers to as 'incompetent puppies of local and international capitalism, and has criticized President Cyril Ramaphosa by calling him a 'number one puppet'.

He adds that Ramaphosa is being protected although he is failing to lead the country, and calls him the owner of illegal dollars, citing that he must fall.

According to Shivhambu's followers, hiding behind a keyboard and forever tweeting about the same issues will not assist the country in any way, and they believe that something must be done to save the country from the crisis it is currently facing. Some have reminded Shivhambu about how he shamed former Eskom boss Koko Matshela and Brian Molefe, whilst all they were doing was to help sort out the Eskom crisis.


Zuma tried to get South Africa electricity from nuclear power, but many opposed it, rightfully so given his proclivities, but if the deal went through, get who knows, maybe we will not be worried about this issue.

If Eskom continues to fail to guarantee energy, it cannot be relied upon to power economic recovery. No investor will even save a power utility that continues to fail to stick to its recovery plan.

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