Check Out The Fuel Tank Of A Commercial Bus In Lagos That Got People Talking On Social Media


The current state of transportation in Nigeria isn't in good shape and you can't be surprised to see a commercial bus in a terrible condition. The fuel tank of a commercial bus has got people talking on social media. Though, this might not even be the worst vehicle you would see in the country.

I would like to share the picture of the vehicle to you so you can explain to us what you feel about the current state of transportation in the country. Should we continue to blame the government or we also have a role to play as citizens of the country?

Nigerians are of the opinion that if anything bad is happening in the country, the Government should be held responsible. I guess the blame shouldn't always go to the government.

Why would a driver decides to risk the lives of himself and the passengers just because he wants to earn a living? It's clear that the level of poverty in the country is high but it doesn't mean a man shouldn't value his life and that of the people around him. After the picture of the vehicle surfaced online, check out what people are saying about it: