President Uhuru Kenyatta Turns Project Tours Into Political Avenues, Why?


It is evident that president Uhuru Kenyatta has turned his project tours into nothing other than political avenues where he allows various politicians to air their respective campaigns.

This has left citizens with more questions than answers.What is the significance of these tours, and why are the stakes so high for politicians?

Through such forums,the president is supposed to be continuing the Jubilee party agenda since he is retiring come 2022 but he chose the latter.

He uses these projects to show the country the politicians he might be siding with when the election time come in 2022 by letting them talk to the citizens in his presence,a thing that might not go well with opponents and majority of kenyans.

It is unfortunate that he has never went on such a tour with his deputy William Ruto all through his second term following their fallout after his handshake with the former prime minister Raila Odinga.

Do you think these project commissioning are serving their intended purposes when they are infested with political leaders eyeing various seats in 2022?