XOLE: Their is nothing wrong downgrading your lifestyle

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Xoli sees no problem with lowering your lifestyle, even if it is only for temporary, and so you will be able to create a good one after. It has been very bad for so many people who have been through this, and others are scared to go through the same because people will start talking behind their backs about it.


You are the one who is more knowledgeable about your lifestyle, and you cannot stay back to choose to have the other one because people will begin to say negative things about you.They will always talk, and if you don't focus on what you want, nothing good is going to be produced from a negative comment either.


You do know that you have to go through the stage you are at currently and you have to downgrade so that you reach the end goal? You should totally go for it. They can talk as much as they want right now because they are aware of the reasons for changing your lifestyle, but they will praise you when they see the why.


Not many people have come back from downgrading. Others who even went through being broke have bounced back harder than people thought. It is just the determination you have and you just want to have a better lifestyle than the one you had before. Change is good, but it is also not comfortable at the beginning.


It has resulted in many bad decisions that made them look bad. All those fancy clothes and places you have been to, it is not a problem to leave them behind and start a new life. You will not be starting from nothing, but with all the experience you have had before. From a 500k vehicle to a 100k is not a bad decision, and you will still have a vehicle as usual.

What are your thoughts?

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