Minister of Home Affairs has promised to deal with immigration in SA. The big elephant in the room.

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The minister of Home Affairs Doctor Aaron Motswaledi is not apologetic about riding our country of illegal immigrants and those who come for nefarious means.

The minister announced that he is going ahead in tackling immigration in our country as a matter of urgency. He described it as an elephant in the room.

He is the first minister who is not shy about immigration unlike his predecessors. South Africa has seen a lot of xenophobic attacks directed at illegal immigrants.

This is mainly because of the scares resources that citizens alleged foreign nationals are benefiting from more than them.

Immigration is always contentious issue that most thriving economies have to deal with. Many foreign nationals leave their homes to other countries in search of safety and food.

Unfortunately there are those who also come with hidden agendas. Those are the kind of people who give immigration a bad name. Changes are coming soon and everyone must get ready.


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