Chuka University Student Allegedly Commits Suicide After Finding Her Boyfriend With Another Woman


A female unidentified student has shocked many after she threw herself from 7th floor of Science complex building this evening at Chuka University. According to the source(Ravine news blog), it's alleged that the girl committed suicide after finding her boyfriend with another woman kissing. Investigations are underway to acertain the claim.

An eyewitness has said that the lady was rushed to the hospital but unfortunately she didn't make it.

This incident happens just few months after we lost another University student , Celestine, who was allegedly murdered by her boyfriend because of a love affair. Also a week ago, another male student from Maseno University was found dead in his room but the reason has not yet been established. It's clear that our students are under depression.

Cases of deaths because of love affairs has been onthe rise amongst University Students. We are continually loosing students because of love. It's a high time for University stakeholders to act. More counsellors should be employed. Students need to be told that there is no love Inthe University. Parents also need to teach their children how to harden and show love to their children.


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