Remember the Brazilian Model Who Spent Over N380 Million Just to Look Like Ken Doll? See His Photos

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Everybody want to look good, beautiful, handsome and attractive. Despite the way some are born they still want to undergo certain surgeries to perfect their perfections, sometimes this set of people doesn't have flaws but sees themselves among the categories of others who need a thing or two to get fixed in their lives.

Same goes to Mauricio Galdi, a Brazilian model who underwent multiple surgeries just to look like Ken, barbie's boyfriend.

Mauricio is an actor, a model who's always inspired by Ken figure. He saw Ken's figure as a perfect go-area shape, he saw him as being perfect and needed to take a taste of its look.

In his younger age, he regarded himself as not very good looking. Been aspired by his cartoon character Ken, he started his plastic surgery at the age of 16 after he signed up to acting school and felt he wasn't considered enough good looking to be an actor. Due to that reason, he underwent surgery starting with a nose job, and in the long run having silicone implants into his arm, chest and his bum.

In total, the Brazilian born Maurício has had more than 11 plastic surgery and multiple cosmetic procedure. He has spent over $1 million ($1,000,000) which is approximately 380 million naira (379,820,000.00 NGN) on achieving his human doll look.

He loves his new looks being a real life Ken doll, and that has given him fame and have earned massively being an actor and as well a model.

What's your take? Do you think he should have spent such an amount on achieving his human doll look? Others saw him as been beautiful before the multiple surgeries but to him regarded himself as not been attractive. What do you have to say regarding this?

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