Jilted man goes on a murder spree killing his ex girlfriends kids

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A man who could not stomach the fact that his girlfriend had broken up with him decided to invoke some pain into her heart.

The man tore her apart by brutally taking the things that are more important to her.

According to media reports, the unnamed man lured his ex girlfriends children to the bushes with the promise that he had some gifts for her.

He then went on a killing spree killing two of the children. Two managed to take to their heels and fled the scene.

The incident happened in Boipatong, Gauteng.

Two of the children were the suspect's ex girlfriend's children and the other two were her nephews.

He took them to the field on Tuesday, 18 January and tied three of the four children to trees. The fourth child escaped while the suspect was tying up another child.

Those that escaped managed to contact the South African Police Services. They led them to were the man had killed the other kids.

A manhunt was launched and the man was immidiately arrested.

It's not clear why the man chose to be such a coward.

Source: https://briefly.co.za/south-africa/118954-boipatong-murderer-arrested-allegedly-lured-4-boys-open-field-before-killing-2/

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