Kaya Mata: Northern Nigeria's Market for Sex (See how Women Seduce Their Boyfriends for money)


Developing worldwide interest for sex-related items and expanding familiarity with sexual health is prodding a blast in the worldwide sex industry Amid rising interest for unmentionables, contraceptives, condoms, oils, sex toys, and so forth, Business insider predicts the worldwide sex market will develop by almost 7% every year up till 2021. 

Notwithstanding its moderate culture and proclivity to keep away from sexual issues, Nigeria's sex industry is developing similarly as quickly. Without total numbers to set up this, we can divert to tales from merchants who guarantee to make a great many nairas every year by selling sex toys and enhancers. Kemi Fawole, a famous sex specialist, rounds up ₦7 million every year from selling grown-up items. Another seller, Bisi Obe, procured over ₦3 million of every a half year from sex toy deals. 

The sexual health market is overwhelmed by condoms, pills, and sex toys, however, there is a critical specialty that exists outside these, a universe of spices and flavors that fill in as sexual enhancers. Enter Kayan Mata, a nearby sexual enhancer. 

Maryam Usman, an occupant of Borno State, has a business answer for conjugal closeness. She thinks, "Ladies purchase Kayan Mata because they need to upgrade their sexual experiences," and her home (and work environment) in Zaria, Kaduna State, is loaded up with containers of aromas and wraps of spices. 

A rich social legacy 

Maryam is one of the many ladies in Northern Nigeria who earn enough to pay the bills by selling aphrodisiacs. Kayan Mata, interpreted in a real sense as "Ladies' property or things", is a nonexclusive name for a scope of various types of aphrodisiacs. 

It isn't the name of a particular enhancer, however, a five-century practice of giving over flavors, creams, fragrances, tablets, and so forth produced using spices that are accepted to elevate sexual encounters. 

Nusaybah Ali, a client discloses its importance to ladies around there. "The overall thought behind the utilization of Kayan Mata is for your better half (and you) to accomplish joy such a lot of that your significant other is satisfied with you enough not to look outside your wedding home," she says. 

Kayan Mata comprises different parts going from desserts, ointments, fragrances, cosmetics, spices, sugar powders, and flavors. The fixings have developed throughout the long term, yet regularly, the items have a base of nectar, tiger nuts, camel's milk, millet, spices, and roots. A great deal of the spices used to make these enhancers are neighborhood spices, making English interpretations difficult to find. 

Positive surveys are not rare, notwithstanding. "Kayan Mata works. I took the bird (pigeon), it's cooked in a blend of spices and flavors. It additionally has medical advantages, I didn't need to battle with vaginal dryness which forestalled injury," another client, Hadiza Mohammed, enthuses. 

Customarily, Kayan Mata should guarantee social solidness by keeping couples cheerfully wedded. In a traditionalist and overwhelmingly Muslim area, accentuation is put on keeping a steady family. While this isn't the lone method for saving security, Kayan Mata is a contributing element to accomplishing it for the normal Northern lady. 

Health implications

Numerous Kayan Mata items have likewise shown generous medical advantages to clients. Tiger nut milk (Kunun Aya), for instance, quite possibly the most well-known types of Kayan Mata, has numerous medical advantages. It is wealthy in amino acids, particularly arginine, which is useful to those enduring hypertension. 

"It is consistently imperative to pay special mind to the best blend of items with various (medical advantages) for a customer. My aromas, for instance, other than the extraordinary scent supports certainty and assists with easing up the state of mind of the lady," clarifies Maryam Usman, calling attention to that every sexual enhancer differently affects the person. 

In any case, as of late, Kayan Mata items have been mishandled, for certain merchants blending their items in with different things to support their belongings. Then, others advocate for sex enhancers that are risky, some of which require substantial infringement. 

Ruth Zamani, a Kaduna-based gynecologist, featured the perils of this methodology. "There are numerous threats with these new types of Kayan Mata, and a ton of ladies don't appear to focus. Anything that must be embedded or cut is debilitated as they can tear the cervical tissues or hazard cervical malignancy for the lady," she cautioned. 

This ascent in unadulterated Kayan Mata items is especially troubling considering the weight of hazard is put on the one who buys (and utilizes) the items, while her significant other may drive the choice to buy (or utilize). Presently, like never before, it is fundamental that consideration is paid to the wellbeing ramifications of Kayan Mata items. 

The market for great sex 

The market for Kayan Mata in the North is so enormous – especially in Sokoto, Katsina, Kebbi, and Zamfara – that it has become an industry all alone. As Kayan Mata is a profoundly dug in social practice gave effectively starting with one age then onto the next, there is consistent interest for its items. Also, business visionaries associated with this industry will in general have consistent deals as the request is to a great extent inelastic – for both low and big-league salary families. 

For instance, Nigeria's most generously compensated sex advisor, Hauwa Muhammad, prominently known as Jaaruma Empire, charges a little fortune for Kayan Mata. One jug goes for ₦100,000 and discussions alone expense ₦50,000. "In seven days, more than 30 ladies come to me for discussion before inevitable buy," she comments in one of her YouTube recordings. 

Two things ring a bell with these figures. The first is that there is a huge market for sex in Northern Nigeria. The second is that ladies will pay huge aggregates for items that offer a method of improving closeness with their accomplices. 

The intriguing thing about Kayan Mata is that it claims various pay levels. There are possibilities for those that are valued out of the Jaaruma Empire. Maryam Usman's scents and spices, for instance, range from ₦1000 to ₦10,000. "In seven days, in any event, 15 ladies move to me to sell them my enhancers," she says. 

Kayan Mata is gradually getting the nation over. The southwest is by all accounts embracing the training, with numerous Kayan Mata business visionaries spread around Lagos, Oyo, Ondo, Osun, and Ekiti. Occupants of these states may see Kayan Mata as an oddity, yet it is a training sponsored by 500 years of culture and one that shows that for the ladies of the North, great sex has a sticker price.

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