Poor Somizi, Mohale Doesn't Want Anything To Do With Him

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Somizi and Mohale were formerly South Africa's most popular and admired couple. After only a year of marriage, the couple's relationship began to deteriorate. The couple would do practically everything together and go everywhere together. From time to time, they would dress in similar costumes.

The couple has since split up and hasn't been seen together in a long time. They haven't been in the same spots in a long time. Mohale doesn't even wear the labels that he used to wear in happier times. When Mohale was still with Somizi, he possessed practically every Bathu shoe color. Mohale, on the other hand, hasn't been seen wearing the brand since they split up.

He might have left the shoes, or given them away. Is it normal to stop wearing certain clothes when you break up with a person? Or maybe it's because Somizi is a brand ambassador for Bathu, so he doesn't want anything to do with Somizi. 

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