President Museveni's Government Barns Women From Occupying Front Seats Of Vehicles

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This occured following a truck accident that previously claimed the lives of 9 people with 19 others seriously injured in Lira city in Uganda.

In an attempt to reduce the number of truck accidents, Museveni's Government official have banned women from occupying front seats of the car. Here is why...

The trucks are fond of carrying the female traders together with their goods to and from the market with the women wanting to occupy the front seats in the name of avoiding dust which is in the back of the truck.

Funny enough, the women are the ones carrying all the blame because they are believed to be the reason why these accidents occur in the first place.

One market vendor also confessed that she has seen most of the women she knows literally fighting with each other just to sit in front of the truck cabins with the drivers beside them.

“These women always wear short dresses or expose their thighs in an attempt to sexually harass the drivers."

The end results being that the driver lose their concentration on the road and that's how the accidents happen.

The Chairperson of trucks in Lira City, Mr. Tom Adila, complained that majority of the truck owners employ unqualified truck drivers since a good number of them are not only undisciplined but also don’t abide by the law.

“They mostly employ their relatives in a bid to minimize the costs they would spend on paying qualified drivers,” Mr Adila said.

As a result, the spokesperson for Lira Urban Transporters Association, Mr Bernard Anyeko Matsanga, confirmed that the implementation of this order barring women from seating in front of trucks would commence with immediate effect.

“No woman is allowed to sit in front with the driver, even if you are the wife of the owner of the vehicle, we are not allowing you. Drivers are obeying all the directives and none of them is overloading or speeding. They are driving at normal speed,” Mr Anyeko said while speaking to the Daily Monitor earlier this week.

Any driver breaking this law is to be arrested and and charged in accordance to the law.

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