Why you need not to kill yourself over these 3 things in life!


Life is a teacher. It teaches lessons that build the abilities in us. These abilities propelled us to move faster or slower in life. The ability to succeed or fail depends on the choices we make. Our level of thinking affect the choices we make. Life always throw challenges to us. Not to destroy but to shape us. The ability to handle such challenges tells how stronger or weaker you are. We often meet challenges such as; health issues, unemployment,relationships,finances,debt and so on. Doing nothing about them is dangerous. The fact is,nobody can solve your problems for you. Nobody has the time for you. Never expect much from anybody. You are the best solution to your problems. Everybody has a challenge. Both the rich and the poor have challenges. Until you heard someone's problem, you may think yours is worse.

God has given each and everyone power. This power lies within your reach. Most often,we lack what it takes to tap into such power. You don't have to give up easily. Life surrenders only to those who did not give up. Never be deceived by the fact that,once you are died,everything is over. That is an illusion. I have carefully examined three major challenges that might cause you to think about suicide. Never try that. It is only a loser who does that. Just relax and free your mind to know why suicide is never an option.

1. Financial challenges.

This has been the major challenge of all. Both rich and poor sing the same song when it comes to money. Thinking of the bills, school fees,rents,clothes, debts, are all scaring. Everybody has a responsibility to play. Do you think that, you are the only one facing such difficulties? For the fact that you don't have money is not an excuse. Your partner may leave you. Families and Friends may abandoned you. Landlords may throw you out of their homes. Getting daily meal may be very hard for you; yet that is never an excuse for you to take your life. After all,the life you are living is never yours. You are only a steward. Taking your life because of lacking money is not a wise thing to do. Money is just a small piece of paper. Life is more precious than any other thing. The fact that,your plans did not work doesn't mean you are useless. Why would you kill yourself over lack of money? That's a cheap course! The problem is that,we do give attention to others than ourselves. We often compare our finances to others. No condition is permanent. Trust God and work hard. Reposition your thought for a better financial freedom. Money is like a seed. When sowed,it must germinate. You only need to water and apply a little manure. Don't be in haste. Always make the best out of whatever you have. That will make you better.

2. Relationships.

Cheating is part of humans. Brokenhearted is part of the love game. Divorce is the opposite of marriage. Which of these have you not heard? Are you scared to experience them? You are neither the first nor the last to experience them. Why then the crying? Why do you want to take your life. That's very funny. If your partner decides to leave you,allow him or her to go. If he or she decides to cease everything you have,give it out. Don't harm them either. The truth is simple; their parts of the story is over in your life. Just give yourself time. You will be heal. You cannot always control your outside world but can control the inside world. Forget about the gossips. It is normal.

Our problem as human is about the fact that, we talk much and do less. We complained too much. Rewrite the story. Write with more confidence. A broken relationship is never a broken life. Be wise!

3. Health issues.

A friend was once admitted in a particular hospital. He was having unconsciousness. After some few hours,he regained his consciousness and was given medication. He was actually asked to stay over. Suddenly,an accident victim was rushed in. The victim was badly destroyed. Blood was oozing out of her like a leaked dam. In fact,it was very horrible. Do you know what my friend did? After seeing what has happened,he quickly asked the doctor for a release. The doctor asked for his reason and this was what he said; " I thought my condition was worst but I never knew I was better. Can I go home please"? Isn't that interesting? Such is life. Whatever health issues that is battling you, should never defeat you. Just be positive and trust God.

In conclusion,life is neither sweet nor bitter. Whatever comes your way,make the best out of it. Life surrender to people who don't give up.

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