Photos Of Structures Demolished By The Government Of Bayelsa State


The government of Bayelsa state had earlier demolished illegal structures such as motor parks, gsm repair centers, kiosk shops, and other enterprises due to the commencement of the flyover project in the tombia roundabout area in Yenagoa.

People lamented on the destruction as they lost their valuable items and properties such as mobile phones, foodstuffs, accessories, foodstuffs, clothes, and so on. It was really a bad moment but the government showed no concern as they were already compensated for their structures and had been given quit notice months ago before the day of destruction.

Lots of traders got angry as everyone would due to the great loss but all which the government did was for the betterment and development of the area.

The project will start by the expansion of the motorways in order to enable free movement of vehicles, and the project duration will take about 3-4 weeks before the construction of the flyover.

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