[Video] Police officer exchange blows with a bus driver over drivers license

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A uniformed Police Officer has conflicted with the guidelines of his calling as he has gone down to the drains with a trotro driver.

In photographs and recordings that caught the moment, the police officer furiously traded blows with the driver over driving license.

The driver who was not ready to give up his driving license to the policeman for clear reasons stood his grounds and retaliated.

This episode as indicated by souce's happened only this evening at Darkuman intersection. The officer shamed himself at the full glare of bystanders.

This is a disgrace to the police man, as he wasn't suppose to be seen fighting like a thug while wearing the uniform of the law, because he is a representative of the government .



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source: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.ghpage.com/police-officer-exchange-blows-trotro-driver-darkuman-junction-over-driving-license-video/217098/%3famp=1

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