Here Is Why The North West Hospital Was Evacuated

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Rustenburg - Patients have been emptied from the Thusong District Hospital in North West after reports of high temperature that is coming from the floor of the drug store at the office, Health MEC Madoda Sambatha said.

"It was accounted for to the medical clinic the executives and as an outcomes power was totally turned off to completely notice on the off chance that the hotness isn't an aftereffects of underground electrical wires. Following an hour the ground heat/temperature kept on expanding.

"As an insurance, patients have been cleared and have been moved to neighborhood medical clinics," he said.

A few patients were moved to Itsoseng Community Health Center (CHC), others at Gelukspan Hospital and General Delarey Hospital which is essential for the emergency clinic complex along with Thusong.

'Also, different drugs including oxygen are being moved to General Delarey Hospital and Itsoseng CHC. Patients records likewise are been moved."

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