Disturb Your God This Night To Work In Your Favour By Saying These Prayers Before Going To Bed.


God demands total obedience from every true child of Him. Many people have asked Jesus into their hearts but how many have really given Jesus preeminence in their lives? How many people have actually made him the Lord of their lives? They call him Lord; but is he really in charge in your affairs? God trusts that his children should live in total obedience to his will and to his word; meaning that he does not need excuses.

The invited guests in today's text gave different excuses on why they would no longer attend the banquet. King Saul messed up when after killing everything in Amalekite, he spared king Agag alongside some fat animals. Remember, he obeyed but his obedience was not total. It was a partial obedience and God was not happy with him (1 Samual 15:1-23).

The great patriarch, Abraham obeyed God and he was greatly blessed. There is blessing in obedience. Make it a priority to obey God in all things and as you do so, you will be blessed beyond measure.

Prayer guide:

1. Magnify the name of your redeemer, praise and worship his marvelous name.

2. Bless him for the gift of life, good health and divine healing he has restore upon your life.

3. Appreciate him for today's word exposition.

4. Ask for forgiveness over every form of disobedience.

5. Pray and ask God for an obedient spirit that will compel you to do his bidding.

6. I rebuke every spirit of disobedience that is constraining you from receiving your miracle.

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