"It Was Chaotic" Mwingi Groom Reveals How He Got News Of The Tragic Incident & How He Felt

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The Saturday tragic Mwingi bus accident that claimed the lives of more than thirty people is still fresh in the minds of Kenyans, friends and relatives of the deceased.

The groom of the wedding the passengers who died and others survived has revealed how he knew about the tragic incident, and his reactions towards the news.

According to Tuko News podcast, Mzee David Mbuvi Mutua who waiting for the others to arrive at the wedding venue noticed something was not right when the priest and several other people in the church started speaking to each other in low tones.

The reports state that Mzee David Mbuvi Mutua and his wife were given the news and rushed to the scene where he felt like dying after seeing the lifeless bodies of his children and grandchildren on the banks of River Enziu.

"It was chaotic. On seeing the bodies displayed on the river bank, most of which were of my children and grandchildren, I felt that my life was meaningless and decided to toss myself into the raging waters," Mzee David Mbuvi Mutua stated.

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