Factors that guarantees 100% incoming marriage with your partners, check them out here


Love is a close bond that exist between two or more people that goes deeper than affection, attraction, lust, or friendship. It's a deep mutual expression of respect, trust, honesty, integrity, intimacy, chemistry, and partnership. 

Love is something best experienced together. You find it in each other, not separately. It's a bond that hold people forever. Love has branches, and one of love the branches is relationship.

Relationship is the one that exist between two lovers. It's a first journey in becoming one as husband and wife. However, not all relationship end as it started, that's why it is advisable to select your future partner well before going into marriage.

In respect to the above, I've round trip through the internet to find you things that guarantee your relationship will lead to an 100% marriage.

1.      The first aspect is meeting with the parents

2.      Exchanging of each other house keys

3.      Discussion of plans that centers on future

4.      Planning of holiday together

5.      Being invited to family meetings

6.      Saying “I love you” to one another

7.      Seeing each other atleast every night

8.      Sleeping over each other’s house

9.      Signing birthday or Christmas card together

10.  By telling each other absolutely everything; tell yourself damn truth

11.  Leaving toothbrush at each other’s house

12.  Whenever you are sick, allow your partner to take care of you

13.  It might be in form of joke but discuss with yourselves how many children you might want to have together in the future

14.  Introducing yourselves to wider friends circle

15.  Driving each other’s car

16.  Inviting yourselves to a wedding party representing a kind of date

17.  Discussing holidays together

18.  Buying dogs and cats together

19.  By having drawer at each other’s house

20.  By having personal wears or clothes at each other house

21.  This might sound funny but make sure you do it; fart in front of each other house

22.  Inviting people to an organized party as couple

23.  Divulging salary details

24.  Show yourselves your pin numbers

25.  Inviting people round as a couple

26.  Inviting them out with your friends/ family

27.  Receiving cards or gift addressed to both of you

28.  Showering together

29.  Try and know what each other’s plans every single day is

30.  Changing facebook status to “in a relationship”

31.  Tell each other what your password is

32.  When you share secrets about friends with each other

33.  When you start watching Tv shows they like

34.  Calling each other through phone at work

35.  You listen to music they like

36.  Sending of early morning text to each other

37.  Putting photos of the two of you on facebook

38.  Giving yourselves pet name

39.  Telling each other how many sexual patners you’ve heard

40.  When you start asking for yourselves opinion on different stuffs

Other relationship theories includes meeting each other parents, taking care of each other when ill, phoning each other comfortably at work.

Some go extra miles in a relationship to show how committed and serious they are by buying pets for their lovers or buy pets together; it might be dog or cat, while some do theirs by choosing or telling their partners what to eat when on weekly stroll out or dates.

80 of 100% human beings believe action speaks louder than voice/words when it comes to making relationship stronger or making partners happy.

According to study, 2 of 10 people know the condition of their relationship after going on a holiday with their lovers.

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