Lawyer, Ahmednasir Alleges Worrying News on By-Election Violences as he Links Them to Pres. Uhuru


Renowned City Lawyer, Ahmednasir has alleged worrying news on the numerous election violences being experienced everytime a by-election is held. The Bonchari by-election has seen politicians mostly those allied to ODM Party being arrested as a result of allegedly engaging in election malpractices.

The police officers have also been accused of being the ones behind election violence in numerous by-elections. Interior CS, Dr. Fred Matiangi has been accused of playing politics in a bid to have Jubilee Party candidates win by-elections.

Lawyer Ahmednasir has now linked the election violences to President Uhuru Kenyatta, Interior CS, Dr. Fred Matiangi and PS, Karanja Kibicho.

@ahmednasirlaw Election violence as an effective tool for manipulating Elections in 2022 is being tried and perfected during the many by-elections by my BELOVED JUBILEE and the buck stops with the Office of President and CS @FredMatiangi and PS @Karanjakibicho

According to Ahmednasir, election violence in several by-elections is being orchestrated by the government led by Pres. Uhuru so as to prepare for election manipulation in 2022 where they will allegedly use violence to manipulate elections.

The Bonchari by-election has seen top political parties fiercely campaigning in a bid to win the MP's seat. The National Police Service has reinstated that they are neutral and their main work is to provide security during the by-election period.