What Babies Enjoy Most When They're In The Womb

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Even before the baby is born, there is a deep bond between mother and child. This is due to the fact that the baby develops preferences and dislikes while still in the mother's womb. While the rest of the world may be completely unaware of it, it appears that only the mother is aware of it. It can be more than a hint at times. It's almost as if the baby and mother have developed a secret language that only the two of them comprehend. And, of course, nine months is a long time to try to build a relationship with the tiny being growing inside. While a mother looks forward to the day when she can finally hear her baby babble, while still in the womb, the baby makes sure to let her know what he or she enjoys the most. Here are a few examples:

1. Everything Sweet

Consider this scenario: you've been yearning something sweet all day. But it won't be the first time during your pregnancy. And you notice your baby move precisely as you eat into that soft, spongy cake or gulp down that scoop of particular flavor ice cream. This is because newborns can taste the stuff you eat when you're still in the womb! The amniotic fluid gives them this flavor (1). While babies are not fond of spicy foods, they are fond of sweet ones. So, the next time you have a yearning, forget about the calories and simply do it! And savor the flavor with your kid.

2. Baths that are warm and relaxing

Pregnancy can be exhausting, especially in the third trimester. This is the time when you'll want to take advantage of any chance to unwind. Taking long showers is one of the safest ways to unwind. When a hot water bath may cause your baby discomfort, keeping the water warm and comfortable while showering may help you relax more. Also, your child. However, you should consult your doctor about the optimal temperature.

3. Soft Belly Massage

How many times have you observed that when you gently rubbed your belly, your baby replied with a kick? Isn't it true that this happens quite frequently? External stimuli, especially when it comes from the mother, cause babies in the womb to respond. They adore this interaction, which is why, when you and your partner play the touch-and-feel game together, you can discover your baby in a playful mood (2).

4. The Voice of Mother

By Week 18, the baby's ears should start to protrude. This is when the baby's hearing begins to develop. And the mother's voice is one of the first voices the newborn recognizes. As your due date approaches, you'll notice that your baby is becoming more responsive to your voice. Because it's one of the voices your baby adores (3).

5. Relaxing music

How can we forget about music when it comes to your baby's hearing abilities? Despite the fact that babies may hear muffled noises in the womb, they can distinguish between jarring and pleasant sounds! They may also express a fondness for a certain genre of music. Soft music soothes them, whereas harsh and abrupt sound disturbs them. So turn on your favorite tunes and spend some time with your baby. However, keep the decibels moderate to avoid disturbing your infant with the loud jerks.

6. The Laughter of Mother

It is claimed that laughter is the best medicine. It's no surprise that a happy mother results in a happy child. Babies respond to their mother's laughter in the same way they respond to her touch or voice. A sequence of 'feel good' hormones are released when we laugh (4). Not only do these hormones make a mother happy, but they also make a baby happy. Listening to their mother's cackle is almost certainly a plus.

Babies never cease to amaze us with their antics. And, as you prepare for more of them after they are born, savor these wonderful moments with them for the time being. Cheers!

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