After Announcing She Was HIV Positive On Social Media, Here Is What People Said To Her


When people first became aware of HIV and AIDS in the past it was incurable or uncontrollable and many people were afraid of getting it.

 However, as time has moved, so has science. People have now found a way to live a hopeless life with HIV and to live longer. Antiretroviral drugs have given people a second chance because not everyone who is infected is the cause. Some have been raped and others have been abducted by their partners, which has resulted in them being infected.

 The beautiful girl shared a photo of herself when she publicly announced that she was HIV positive. many people were amazed at her good looks and health and immediately applauded her for reaching out to such a group. Many people still live in fear of stigma and discrimination when they test positive for HIV.

 This girl has given to all those who are afraid and living with the disease that there is nothing to be afraid of or ashamed of. from love as a support That received from the comments one can see that many people were encouraged because of his courage.

 Many men asked her if she was single so that she could take the opportunity to visit her. nothing can stop a person from living a healthy life even if they test positive for HIV. There is a place to live a normal life and even start a family anyway.

 People are now more accepting of the status of other people living with HIV, especially when they come out in the open like this girl. This does not mean that everyone should go to the movies, but sharing it with your relatives can be very helpful.

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