Amberay Opens Up About Her Beef With Nicah The Queen For the first time

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Amberay and Nicah the Queen have been trending online on the better part of the past two days. The two famous celebrities have been shaming each other publicly. The whole drama was started by Nicah, who accused Amberay of using dark powers to win people's husbands. Amberay responded to her by mocking her why Ofweneke left her.

Yesterday on 10th March Amberay opened up about her beef with Nicah. Speaking to online media, Amberay said she doesn't have any beef with Nicah, she doesn't have any enemity with her, so she doesn't even understand what is going on. She was so brief, and her answers were just precise.

She was accompanied by her new boyfriend who is from Sierra Leone. Amberay was glowing and after giving the precise answers, she walked away, leaving the interviewers unsatisfied with her answers, because she seemed not to be in the mood of answering any questions.

Here is the link to the full video on YouTube

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