Love Date Turns Dramatic As Machakos Woman Does This To A Man Who Borrowed A Car To Win Her Heart


Kenya daily newspaper Taifa Leo,today shared a story of a woman from Machakos who Embarrassed a man who Borrowed a car to please her.

According to Taifa Leo, the man's efforts of borrowing a car to win the ladies heart,was dealt a blow,after she cut short the relationship with him for boasting with properties which were not his.

It was reported that on the material day,the man had planned to take the lady out,in order to proclaim his love to her,but the lady rejected her offer in presence of his friends.

"There is no need of wasting your time,you can't win my heart by borrowing luxurious cars,be a gentleman man and accept yourself the way you are"said the lady.

The incident left the man's friends dumbfounded,as they digest the girls claim.The character himself was confused when he realised that the lady had extablished his intention of trying to win her heart using others people's wealth.

Men please let us be real, kindly share the extent you have ever gone to win a woman's love or the extent as ever gone to win your heart.

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Source Taifa Leo.


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