UK; Protesters Pulled Down Slave Trader's Statue

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Protesters in the UK have pulled down a statue of a former slave trder in the Unite Kingdom.

A continues public prtest in huge numbers for two consecutive weekends to commemorate George Floyd's death and seek for an end to systemic racism -- staging "die-ins" outside US embassies, pulling a statue of a former slave trader in the British town of Bristol down in the process.

These people flouted the coronavirus lockdowns and warnings issued by politicians to do so. Most of the protesters put on masks when embarking on the weekend's rallies, while others held messages that racial discrimination is also a public health crisis.

They held the rally with tens of thousands also in the United States, whose protests on Saturday were the largest yet since the video of Floyd's death caused by a white police officer triggered a wave of anger and action.

But they are now trying to draw the attention to racial injustice in their own countries, too.

Reports from CNN news indicates that, the protesters did that to seek for racial justice.

They feel that, the whites have been treating them bad for sometime now, and it is now time to put an end to that.

Whether black or white, we are all human beings who contain blood. Therefore, racism must stop now.

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