We Are Not Your Enemies, We Just Want You To Have Sense- Mr Omokri Asks Buhari To Reason The Matter


Yesterday, Mr Reno Omokri gave some reasons as to why he started the harass Buhari out of London protest. One of the reasons he gave yesterday evening was that he just wants Buhari to have sense.

According to Mr Omokri, Buhari banned foreign rice and then plan foreign healthcare. He asked Buhari to reason the matter if it makes sense. He added that Buhari foreign doctors now know him more intimately than his wife, Aisha Muhammadu.

Mr Omokri further tweeted that any foreign agent can use these facts to compromise Buhari. Ending it telling Buhari that we are not your enemies, we just want you to have sense.

The protest will probably start again today at noon, we're all waiting to see how it'll go. Many Nigerians are reacting to the protest saying it is shameful to carry the matter of the country to a foreign country but it's worth it.

We're all waiting for Buhari's reaction to the ongoing protest as we feel he'll say anything anytime soon. Below are people's reaction under Mr Omokri's tweet.

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