I Will Kill You spiritually, Nana Agradaa Goes ''hard'' on Pep Donkor as she invokes Spirits on her

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As most Ghanaians are aware, Nana Agradaa is a very renowned fetish priest in Ghana and the CEO of Thunder TV. In-spite of the numerous complains about her, she is known to have helped many Ghanaians solve their financial problem through some of her supernatural powers and incantations.

Not long ago, a ''beef'' was arisen between Nana Agradaa, and strong woman of God, Osofo Maame Pep Donkor . This ''fight'' has gone on for a while now as both Nana Agradaa and Pep Donkor have been at each other's ''throat''. On Nana Agradaa's last Sunday program, she finally ''finished'' Osofo Maame Pep Donkor as she invoke spirits on her. This was aired live on Nana Agradaa's thunder TV.

Her ritual activity was so nerve-racking that some of us couldn't stop watching. She used a doll and a black dove to cast a spell on Pep Donkor live on her Sunday program. She then placed both the doll and the black one into a small cage and ordered her guys to bury the cage outside to signify her victory.

To be frank, Nana Agradaa really nailed her opponent. Per the rumours, we're hearing, Osofo Maame Pep Donkor is yet to reply Nana Agradaa on this one because she had once been defeated by Nana.

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