Day Bob Marley Visited Nairobi And Why He Had To Quickly Leave The Country

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Sunday marked the birthday of legendary reggae sensation, Bob Marley. He would have been 77 years today but sadly died aged 36 years. Bob Marley is known for his vocals and timeless songs around the world which remain to be big tunes to date

When his career was at the peak, Bob Marley used to travel in many countries to perform as well as revolutionize. The king of reggae visited Africa thrice. He first visited Ethiopia in 1978. He would later visit Gabon in 1980 where the President Omar Bongo's daughter fell in love with him.

In the same year, Bob Marley visited Zimbabwe during their independence day celebration. From Jamaica, Bob Marley's only option was to first pass Kenya then later proceed to Zimbabwe

Bob Marley however stayed in Nairobi for few hours more so after he heard that he was not allowed to light some cannabis sativa since it was not legal in Kenya. This saw him to angrily continue with his journey to Zimbabwe where he had a one of a kind performance

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