Is It Okay To Double Date To Be On A Safe Side?


An adage says "he who chases two rats loses both.". This is always the case with most people who double date. Some even date more than two people. And you find them advising their friends to do the same. There is nothing like being on the safer side.

How can you be on a safe side when you are cheating? The funny thing is that this category of people get angry, when they discover that one of their partners too is double dating. And you begin to wonder why they are pained. You may want to ask yourself why they do it when they cannot condone it.

The truth is that you will know who is serious in a relationship, except you want to turn a blind eye to it. And the answer is not to double date. Double dating can make things worse, especially when the two guys or ladies get to know that you have been "deceiving" them. What you are scared of may finally happen to you.

Double dating means you are cheating and wasting some people's precious time. Stop it. Don't do to people what you don't want them to do to you.