Ladies, Check out 5 Gorgeous Asoebi Styles you can copy from Bobrisky.

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For several years now, Bobrisky has been a social media sensation, always on the trend list every month. She is a popular crossdresser known by many names such as, Bob of Lagos, Sugar mummy of Lagos, oshey baddest because of her expensive and luxurious lifestyles. Bobrisky is one of the Nigerian celebrities who love to flaunt their wealth, fleet of cars, new bags and jewelries on Instagram.

Recently I decided to take a look at her Instagram page, I discovered that despite the controversies, it doesn't stop her from slaying her outfits. Bobrisky has an exquisite fashion taste which we actually don't noticed most of the times, her wedding guest looks, party looks and casual outfits are worth recreating.

Today, I will be focusing on her Asoebi Styles, just five of them. If you have an upcoming event that you're supposed to attend and you can't find a style, I will recommend one of these looks from Bobrisky. Throw away your sentiments and appreciate good fashion styles when you see one.

Bobrisky in a Glittery Green dress.

She is a total stunner in this dress. The dress has a well detailed designs, cuts and embroideries on it. The designer took his or her time to create the dress and the wearer absolutely nailed it. Her makeup is lit, the earrings, necklaces, bangles and rings are lovely too.

See Photos below:

Her Silver Fringe dress is beautiful .

What do you think of Bobrisky in the fringe dress below? For me, this is my favorite style out the five styles. She looked gorgeous in the dress.

Since fringes came back into vogue , it has become the trend, tailors and fashion designers always want to add it to outfits for more details and to make the dress look fun.

Seeing Bobrisky in the fringe dress will make you want to sew the dress immediately.

Bobrisky in her golden birthday dress.

During her birthday part which happened few weeks ago, she took the media with surprise with the kind of dress she wore to her party. This is my most preferred style. Both the dress and the wearer rocks.

Bobrisky in a short green sequin dress.

If you want to bare some skin out, then this dress is for you. Bobrisky's styles are eccentric, revealing and sassy.

Bobrisky representing the Yoruba costume culture.

Bobrisky seems to be a lover of Aso oke, the Yoruba traditional attire meant for women. In the photo grid below, You can see that she always carrys the shawl known as ipele by the Yorubas and her gele (headwears) is also stylish.

Which one is your favorite looks?

Photos Credit: Instagram@Bobrisky222

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