I have finally decided to join the iPhone Twitter family reacts. Saved up for 3 months

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"I have finally decided to join the iPhone Twitter family. Saved up for 3 months and now we are here. Thank you Lord." This was tweeted by a lady after she managed to save for an iPhone that was worth R26000.

Me it would take me 6 Months and I'll have to cut food,rent , transportation.

Congratulations on your purchase! I still cannot believe that just mere cellphones, are so freaking over priced and we have just accepted it over the years. Glad my hard-core phone-fanatic phase passed years ago.That’s what we call financial discipline - the gap between your goals and accomplishments.I need your discipline. I need a new phone but I can't get myself to save for it. I always find something to use the money on .

Here is what people had to say about the iPhone purchase:

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