What Viral Chips Vendor Has Told The Politician Ahead of 2022 Genaral Election

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A roadside vendor of chips by the name Bevalyn Kwamboka has been trending for the last two months through her Instagram account.Bevalyn Kwamboka says she is saddened by politicians using his name negatively ahead of August 9, 2022 general elections.

The 23 year old became an internet sensation has told the local media that he feel agitated by the politicians use her and similar people their political campaigns.The chips lady argued that politicians only use when they want to market their brand through them and later after achieving the seat they dump them and leave them at the mercy of online bullies who make fun of them after the elections are over.Kwamboka said that he doesn't want to become the subject of ridicule as it happened to musician Ben Githae.“I saw that coming, I felt bad, and I was not ready for that. I would not like to push negative politics and be among such people... like the tano-tena singer. I don’t want to be that person that Kenyans will say politicians used me to propagate their agenda." 

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