10 Simple Steps To Prepare Garden Egg Sauce With Boiled Unripe Plantain And Yam

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Here are the basic ingredients needed to

make your garden egg sauce

6-8 pieces of garden egg

4 pieces of fresh pepper

Hand full of crayfish

1 chopped onion

Smoked dried fish

Half cup of vegetable oil

1 Knorr magi


Procedure for preparing your garden egg sauce

1. Properly wash your garden egg and cut them into small pieces, rap them with a foil paper and place into a pot and heat it until it is soft.

2. After heating your garden egg, put them into a bowl and mash properly.

3. Next is to blend your fresh pepper together with your crayfish

4. Get your vegetable oil, add a little quantity of salt and fry together with your onion, blended pepper and crayfish

5. The next step is to add your mashed garden egg

6. Wash your smoked dried fish with warm water and add them into the sauce

7. Add your knorr stock magi and any other seasoning you make prefer

8. Allow it to get cooked for like 2-3 minutes, taste and make adjustment if need be

9. After making adjustment, allow to further boil for like 5 minutes before bringing it down.

10. You can serve with hot yam, boiled unripe plantain or even rice

Note: Consumption of garden egg is healthy however, garden egg could pose some allergies in some hypersensitive persons, because it contains a high level of histamine. Some persons could develop allergies when eaten cooked. Hence mind the quantity you consume at a ago.

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