Check Thuso Motaung talking to young Sotho rapper Ntate Stunna about his trip to Dubai

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Ntate Stunna is the new upcoming hip-hop artist in this country and he was born in the kingdom of Lesotho and made his way to South Africa to make his music known to all people in the world, and Lesedi Fm has been one of the stations that has been promoting Sesotho music.

But all credit must go to Dj Ba2gada because he is the one that has started this project of promoting this hip-hop in the station during his time on the afternoon drive show, where he was allowing the artist to send their songs on the station to play it live on-air and this has helped them a lot.

This has made things easy for this artist because they have signed music deals with the biggest companies in this industry and yesterday was a huge boost for this young artist, when he was been interviewed by Thuso Motaung on his show which is having many listeners.

Stunna has made a huge announcement on the show and also got blessings from the old man as he is going to perform in Dubai soon to represent the Basotho culture, which might also be helpful for the station because many people will start to recognize their language that they are speaking.

But many people have been waiting for such to happen to the artist who has been running this music before but luckily their music is still doing good in the country, where it plays on different radio stations in the country and this shows how people are taking this music serious in the country.

Ba2gada is also hosting one of the biggest gigs every year where he invites this artist to perform on the stage with the well-known artist in the country, and this helps this young artist to be fully recognized in the industry because of the music that they make and perform it live.

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