Apart from Mombasa, Here is the Biggest Island Found in Kenya


Mfangano lnsland.

Mfangano lnsland lie in the earstan part of Lake Victoria at the mouth of the Winam Gulf part of kenya, it lies west of Rusinga lsland. The lsland is 65km² in area and rises to 1,694m at Mt. Kitutu. It had a population of 16,282 at the 1999 census. Administratively Mfangano is party of Homabay county.

The lsland is home to large population of Olusuba or Suba people, language speakers in Kenya. Olusuba is becoming rarer in part of kenya because of intermarriages between the Suba men and Luo women from the mainland as it is traditional for children to learn the,"mother tongue," that is the language of their mother. Other language spoken in the land include Luo, Swahili and English. Member of the luo tribe are concentrated to the earstan side of the lsland, most of whom are fisherman and subsistence farmers. Some of the inhabitants of Mfangano are believed to be descendants of emigrants from the Buganda Kingdom in Uganda who arrived after the controversial early nineteenth century killing of the kabaka juju.

Most inhabitants live near the water for ease in fishing and collecting the day's water supply. The water's edge of the lsland in quite rocky with a few back Sandy Shores. Transportation consists mostly walking and boats travel in small wooden manmade boats that sometimes have a sail.

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